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Managed Funds

Managed Funds are an effective way to gain indirect exposure to a range of asset classes, allowing a dedicated fund manager to invest on your behalf.

You may wish to allocate a portion of your portfolio to international equities to complement a more aggressive profile. Or you could allocate a portion to Australian fixed interest securities for a more defensive stance.

Managed funds offer exposure to these asset classes without having to undertake research on economic and sovereign risk, sector performance, as well as listed equity and financial instrument options.

Managed Funds also offer exposure to financial instruments normally out of reach for the majority of retail investors, such as Commonwealth Government Bonds and Commercial Paper, which normally have high minimum investment limits.

Alto advisers draw on recognised, quality independent research to advise you on the most appropriate managed fund investments to complement your overall investment strategy.

If you would like to review your overall portfolio strategy and asset allocation, speak to your Alto Capital adviser today. If you do not have an adviser, please contact us.

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