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Portfolio Management

We offer our clients the Echelon Portfolio Management Service to assist in the management, recording and reporting of the value and performance of their portfolios.

Many clients find the effort of managing the day to day issues of their portfolio too time consuming. It’s comforting to know that a professional and established team can assist with these duties.

Key features

  • Online portfolio reporting 24 x 7

  • Printed end of year tax reporting

  • Online corporate actions administration

  • Dividend management

  • Mail management, C/- mailing address for all registry correspondence

  • Integrated Trading Solution available

  • Unlike other portfolio offerings that operate on a custodial basis, your assets remain in your name

  • Consolidated account view – includes margin lending, ETOs, cash balances

  • House-holding of fees / reports across multiple client accounts

  • Dedicated client support team

  • Integrated cash hub

  • Online reporting available to clients

  • Supports asset classes such as options, managed funds, term deposits and international equities

Benefits of Echelon Portfolio management service


  • No more paper – Relieve clients of share registry correspondence

  • Consolidated reporting

  • Tax reports reduce accountant fees

  • Outsourcing risk in corporate actions processing

  • Online access to a wide range of portfolio reports

  • Priority notice of rights issues, buy backs, takeover offers and other capital movements provides time to decide on how you will act

  • Proven administration expertise

  • Client retains complete control and ownership of investments

The difference, unlike other portfolio offerings, is that Echelon Portfolio is a service and not just software. We have a team of portfolio administrators dedicated to managing the needs of your investments based on the instructions of your Investment Adviser.

What this means to you is regardless of whether it is corporate action, dividend reconciliation or application for an Initial Public Offering, we do the work on your behalf. You and your Investment Adviser need only tell us what you need done. It’s that easy!

Combine this with the personalised attention of your professional Investment Adviser and their disciplined approach to investing, and you will benefit from Australia’s Premier portfolio administration and tax reporting system.

You'll have the complete portfolio life cycle integrated and accessible via your own unique username and password.

Designed to remove the burden of record keeping, maintenance, and administration, it can also save you money when it comes to your end of year tax reporting requirements.

For more information on our services, please contact us.

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