Schrole Group Ltd

Schrole Group Ltd delivers software solutions and professional services into the large and fast-growing international schools market, and short term employment solutions to the domestic education market

Schrole Connect software offers a unique platform and an extensive candidate database that assists international schools with the sourcing and recruitment of teachers and management of candidates. Traditional recruitment by international schools through placement companies and job fairs is challenged by the Schrole Connect software, significantly reducing the time and cost to schools. For further information and video content, please visit Schrole Connect

Schrole Cover is a software platform that assists schools in efficiently filling short-notice relief vacancies arising from absent staff. Schrole Cover disrupts the short-term relief job market by replacing telephone and SMS communication with Smartphone push notifications to reducing a 2-3 hour daily task to just 5 minutes. Schrole Cover is scalable to any industry that has short term employment issues such as the hospitality and health sectors. For further information and video content, please visit Schrole Cover

Leveraging from its software platforms, Schrole also delivers value-adding consulting, professional development and training services to international schools, domestic and overseas businesses. The training is Australian Government accredited through its ETAS Group subsidiary.


  • Led by a team of highly experienced professionals with deep knowledge, expertise and contacts in the international and local schools’ industry

  • Highly scalable software and technology model

  • Global customers and growing market for its software and solutions

  • Products are currently sold in more than 20 countries, and experiencing significant revenue growth.   

  • Schrole Group is an unlisted public company seeking to list on the ASX in 2017.

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